About Us


is in-house start-up team by Silicon Craft Technology PLC. established in 2019 that provides NFC technology and solutions for all companies in the local country.

Our business

Leverage NFC technology to transform customer service, distinguishing us in the market. This technology simplifies purchasing, warranty claims, and product tracking through the use of NFC stickers on parcels. It enables a seamless experience for business clients, delivery personnel, and end-users, who can access information with a simple tap on their mobile phones.

Key Benefit

Benefits of NFC

Retail & Warehouse

Our Solution

Product Authentication

  • Promote confidence and trust 
  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Link product identity to actual customer
  • Show product's journey beyond conventional distribution link

Product Designer Package Designer

  • Define the best way to integrate NFC into product or package
  • Add value to customer and brand owner
  • Drive long lasting customer engagement

Authentication Throughout Product Lifetime

  • Product authentication does not end at the first customer
  • NFC tag allows product authentication throughout its lifetime
  • Customer can trade and transfer goods with confidence
  • While maintain price in resell market and increase brand value at the same time

Our Customer



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NFC Smart Menu


Retail & Warehouse

Special Inventory Tracking

Freezing Goods/ Fresh Food

  • Worked in ice & water environment
  • Solved by in-house technology